With love from Oudtshoorn

Former CXPRESS receptionist Patience Mabongo - pictured here with husband Mabongo - last year relocated to Oudtshoorn and writes: ‘I would like to share some positive vibrations with the people of Plett. Times are tough and businesses are suffering so it is very rough out here as we realise the extent of poverty in our communities. But the Covid-19 crisis also couldn’t have come at a better time, as it has exposed corruption, dependency and, moreover, the responsibility and accountability that our president is taking during this time. I am sure if I were in his shoes I would have failed. Now my concerns are the steps we take to move forward. I am referring to those who might lose their jobs. My only hope is that we can change our mindsets - people should start adopting new lifestyles and adjusting their budgets. It’s going very well with me and Mabongo. We celebrate 21 years, both in friendship and marriage, and our lives are blissful. We know our little foibles, but love each other anyway. We also try to minister the other’s pain when trials and tribulations come along. Acknowledging the fact that our union only has space for two people means that we are happy today!