Why I proclaim from the rooftops with my very special ‘ramshoring’

AS time in lockdown progresses, we all have the opportunity to rethink, reorganise and reprioritise. This is not possible if we can’t remember the past… This is more or less the story of my rams-horn (in a nutshell):
In 2006 I had a brave Grade 2 boy in my classroom. He was such a blessing and a very good example of what a Christian “man” should do whenever he battles with things that happens in his normal daily routine.
Rainier Campher took it upon himself to be the father figure in his home, since he lived alone with his twin sister and their beautiful mother. Whenever he needed to ask or tell God something and he couldn’t find suitable words for that specific need, he used his rams-horn to talk to God.
I was always fascinated by that and it took me a while to figure out that the Holy Spirit would put the exact words to that prayer to bring it before God.
From my dearest parents’ example in my childhood home, I knew that word from God appeared in different ways to different people. That is why I could relate to Joyce Meyer’s saying that if God instructs your neighbour to grow tomatoes, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to grow that same perfect tomatoes - regardless that you’ve used exactly the same ground, seeds, water, etc.
So, with the background of my dear loving parents, my brave Grade 2 learner, the tomato story and my own experience of the goodness of the Lord, I had a life-changing experience.
It was a very unusual, busy, tiring and stressful afternoon in my kitchen where I tried to prepare food in an incomplete kitchen when I fell on the incomplete staircase of our incomplete house (‘till this day that house is incomplete) and hurt my back.
As I was lying on the hard cement with tears running like free-flowing rivers over my cheeks I remembered the words of my parents, my learner, the tomato-story and the voice in my heart, and I started to pray with eyes wide open in a very loud voice.
“God, I know that You see me and I believe that You love me, but today Father God, I need more. I need proof, I need evidence, I need Your touch, I need Your encouragement, I need…, I need…, I need…”
While shouting out loud what I needed, I had a vision of the right horn of a male sheep (without the mouthpiece of a trumpet fixed to it) to take on the spiritual fight that lies ahead.
I did not listen immediately, but instead fetched my Bible from my bedroom, threw it open on the microwave where I was busy preparing supper, and read very loud and clear wherever I opened the Bible.
I yelled at the devil and told him that he knows nothing, that he only pretends to understand the Bible but tries to present it to me in a subtle false way. This yelling, screaming, reading, arguing, fighting, went on for several minutes.
Then I experienced the calmness of the Holy Spirit (He knew to calm me down ‘cause my family couldn’t walk in on me like that). I took my car keys and purse and the joyride began. Okay God, do I turn left or right at this road crossing, do I go straight to a shopping mall or the church to get this right real rams-horn? Without any u-turn or re-routing, I found my way to a bookshop, about 8km from where we stayed.
After listening to what I needed, the friendly lady at the counter frowned, shook her head and directed me to the back of the store to see if I had any “luck” in finding this rams-horn that she’d never seen before.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the only shofar in the shop was the real right horn of a sheep ram (without the mouthpiece of a trumpet). I even fitted it on my head to make sure that it was the right side’s horn.
I ran to the counter where the till was, opened my purse and found the exact amount to money. The friendly lady stood astonished. As I exited the bookshop, a man with a grin on his face came walking up to me, asking me if I’d ever tried to blow that rams-horn before, because that might be too difficult for me to succeed.
I did not take time to explain the matter behind the madness to him, but instead, just replied that I was pretty sure of my newfound ability.
Well, I drove back home (maybe exceeded the speed limit at times) and left the car door open (after parking) as I ran to the field in front of our house.
I put my trust in God and started to blow… and my wordless prayers began with a beautiful sunset and that precious sound travelling across the fields by the grace of God.
My Heavenly Father definitely knows how to interact with each of His unique children and even knows how to overwhelm some of his stubborn children.
I’ll keep on praying, sometimes without words, knowing that the Holy Spirit will bring my prayers before God. From the roof tops I proclaim!