Wear your free mask or risk losing it for good

I have read the Bitou Covid-19 newsletter of May 18, and although we can be proud of our efforts in general, I am sorry to say that the money my household, and everybody else, contributed to buy masks for Kurland inhabitants was a complete waste.
I was in the township last Monday and of the many hundreds of people I came across, only ONE (my passenger) was wearing a mask. It was a jolly sight to behold, children playing in the streets, people walking arm in arm, busy shops and not the slightest effort to keep any distance.
I suggest the masks be collected, cleaned and distributed elsewhere. If you have any doubt, go and have a look!
Andrew K, by email
(The current number of masks produced by our local Plett&Beyond Masks4All teams exceeds 56,000, of which 49,134 went out at no cost to the recipient. According to project distribution coordinator Steve Ritky, free masks distributed to local Covid-19 screening teams and clinics last week totalled 4,500. Let’s not mar these valiant efforts to keep our community safe; ensure that your family and neighbours wear masks when leaving the house. WhatsApp your details to 060 820 6595 if you would like to get involved. - Eds.)