The blue crane chicks are doing well!

Since being delivered to Tenikwa for rehabilitation, the chicks have been growing steadily and their wing pin feathers are starting to show. We are monitoring their diet, exercise and development carefully to ensure their long legs can bear their weight as they grow.
They are learning to forage themselves and love digging for earthworms. However, it is a long process to raise them to be able to survive in the wild and understand the natural dangers they will face - a task their parents are so good at.
At this point, Tenikwa has 42 animals in rehab and the staff are being kept very busy attending to the diverse needs of the different species of animals and birds. Seven African penguins have been cleared by Dr Tindall for release and we hope to be able to do this on Saturday November 21 at 9am, at Lookout Beach in conjunction with Natures Valley Trust (NVT) and CapeNature.
The public and community of Plett are welcome to join us at this time to share this very special experience, once NVT have obtained the necessary approvals for the public event to go ahead abiding by Covid-19 protocols.
Mandy Freeman, Plett
(Contact Tenikwa Wildlife Rehabilitation & Awareness Centre on 044 534 8170 or visit for details. - Eds.)