Success inevitable after CXPRESS exposure

Following your cover page and article in CXPRESS of January 27 [read ‘Not scared to live his passion or name his price…’ on page 2 of that edition at], I am delighted to report yet another CXPRESS success.
The turnout to see William Mwale in action at Love of Linen on January 29 was phenomenal [see pic at right].
Owner Inge van Renen said not only did nearly every passing person pause to watch William painting in the window, but also that within the first five minutes, they had commissions for two new works!
As the day went on, they secured a further four commissions and the event has proved so popular that William returned on February 5 for a further painting - and this could even become a regular event.
William himself tells me that he is overwhelmed by the whole experience and that the love he feels both for and from the wonderful people of Plett is incredible.
Readers might also want to hang on to that week’s copy of the paper, as it may well become a collectable. Sad to say that, due to both planning issues and neighbour relations, new owners of the café on Piesang Valley Road have painted over the mural featured on your cover, declaring it “too bright”.
I understand that William is currently in discussions with them to recreate a similar artwork, perhaps even the same but a night view with all the wonderful stars over the BI… You heard it here first!
Alistair Flood, Plett
(Rocking good news, thanks for the update, Al!
In a personal note of thanks to CXPRESS, Alistair also divulged additional facts about the positive effects of the story he contributed, along with photos by Sarah for publishing with such prominence the article on William - so much came together to make this a wonderful day and a wonderful success for all concerned.
“You got an interesting article; Sarah got her first published picture - a cover no less! Inge got a new product line; Dave from Laser Worx at Harkerville got to make me some leaflet display boxes; Sarah got her first paid graphic design job for the leaflet; the local printer got the printing job.
“William got tremendous publicity, and the opportunity to meet and talk with potential customers; Inge earned some commission and William earned some money, selling six commission works in total on Friday... INCREDIBLE!”
The power of the press remains particularly strong in CXPRESS. - Eds.)