Shocking inefficiency ‘earns’ super high senior salaries

I am still completely bowled out after having read our Bitou budget announcement (municipal notice 145/2020) in yesterday’s What’s New in Plett.
How on earth must one believe that firstly, the notice is placed under the name of our ‘previous’ municipal manager, TC Ndlovu, and secondly, it addresses in all three languages the ‘2018/2019’ annual budget.
For the record, most of us know that our present (acting?) municipal manager carries a name which differs completely (proof of this can be found in another Bitou notice on the opposite page), and also we are already halfway into 2020 with Bitou’s financial year starting in a few days.
This lack of attention to detail, when your ratepayers and other public stakeholders are to be advised of perhaps the most important of annual business documents, is to my mind a shocking demonstration of inefficiency and carelessness.
Budgeting and planning, and all other managerial tasks, need the utmost professionalism in all respects.
One shudders to think of the contents of our Bitou budget and its implications, and the accountabilities, which should be non-negotiable. We must also bear in mind that senior management are paid (earned or not) large amounts in compensation for this type of inferior quality work.
It now seems clear that this appears to be a cut-and-paste budget, which was prepared before any of the devastating Covid-19 implications could be considered or planned for on the income or expense side.
This cannot be seen or explained as a lockdown problem; these are purely unacceptable standards, which stems from a critical fact of our present communal life - namely total mutual disrespect, in this case for neglected values and quality which elected and appointed public officials bring to their community.
I suppose my questions should be: For how long will this be the case? And what are we doing about it? And who will carry the consequences?
However, I submit that those responsible for this weak state of affairs must come to the point where they will show and use more respect and pride in the tasks they have taken upon their shoulders.
Pieter Luttig, Keurboomstrand