Share the wealth and do wonders for our inter-ward relations

Well, the building industry is at last picking up. Good for employment, good for the building suppliers, good in every way, with people wanting to live in the best environment in SA.
Unfortunately, one of the extremes in wealth, house prices are only now catching up with where we were back in 2010. But we are also seeing increasing divisions between us.
The fact that poverty in the Eastern Cape has significantly increased our population, has made the provision of housing beyond the capability of any municipality.
And so that ‘Plett is the capital of Malawi’ is not about to become true, here is a suggestion: for every R5-million spent on a house, one RDP house should be built. The building should be undertaken by the contractor in question, thereby ensuring that although the cost can be kept down, the house will be well built.
In this way, it will not involve Bitou Municipality, except for the provision of stands. This will show that we are willing and able to help in a small way, while doing wonders for race relations.
Paul Deans, Plett