Ratepayers, take careful note of Bitou property valuations

Bitou Municipality has recently announced the release of the property valuation roll. Property owners have until Friday March 24 to raise any objections.
As a property owner who took the time to check, I was horrified to note the huge unrealistic increase in the value of the property which I bought three years ago.
Although one realises that property values in Plett are on the increase, and it’s nice to know that one’s investment in property is also on the increase, I would encourage ratepayers to take the trouble to check the valuation roll.
It is these property values which will determine the rates you will be paying for the next four years.
Another important matter to check would be the zoning under which your property falls, as many dwellings falling into what was termed rural lifestyle could have changed - and this could have major ramifications in terms of how one’s rates are calculated.
It would be of interest to know from Bitou Municipality how exactly the valuations are determined, as I’m certain no officials or valuators have visited my premises.
D Law, Plett