Puppy abuse at Coney Beach does nothing to prompt mother’s intervention

To the mother who sat on the rocks at Coney Beach, passively watching her daughters wilfully abusing two Jack Russell puppies, I want to say: Shame on you.
What I saw on Sunday April 30, filled me with much disgust on so many levels. The two girls, aged six and nine years approximately, each had a Jack Russell puppy of about 10 weeks old, which they repetitively swung on one hind leg, as if the dogs were rag dolls.
They flung them harshly around in the waves, nearly dislocating their hips, and held them with force under the waves until the poor dogs gasped for air. They were laughing as the poor puppies tried to survive.
The more the puppies fought for survival, the harsher they were treated. At one stage the puppies were swung by their ears and submerged into deep water, their tiny legs treading water madly, in an attempt to surface.
And you, mother dearest, just sat there - you didn’t blink an eye. Was this normal to you? Doesn’t it bother you that your girls don’t have a nurturing, motherly instinct to care for and protect something as small as those puppies?
If I didn’t intervene, those puppies would’ve been drowned by your kids. In hindsight, it might have been the better option, considering what lies ahead for these poor animals. SHAME on you!
Disgusted Knysna Visitor, Grahamstown