Praise for Henk Bolhuis travel column - and for ‘excellent’ CXPRESS!

I am really enjoying Henk’s Australian travelogue - so much so that I cut it out each week and send it to my South African family in Sydney.
The story on Sydney Opera House [read it on page 2 of the May 24 edition at] was particularly interesting, and I wonder if Henk knows that a well-known South African soprano, Elizabeth Connell, was invited to sing at the opening of this famous opera house.
She was the granddaughter of Fred Scott, who designed Hartebeespoort Dam in what was then the Transvaal. Her mother was one of Churchill’s secretaries during WWII - a truly remarkable family.
Oh, and I so agree with the person who would like to do away with leaf blowers [turn to page 11 of the same edition], as they are noisy and inefficient indeed!
Thank you for your excellent periodical.
Sheenagh Harris, by email
(Read the latest Henk Bolhuis travel tale on page 2 of this edition - Eds.)