Police bungling boggles the mind

I refer to the article ‘Wild West chase on N2 concludes with speedster’s death in Plett cells’, as reported in your issue on June 13 [turn to page 4 of that edition at www.cxpress.co.za].
On reading this story I had to check the date to make sure this was not some form of April Fool’s joke. Sadly, the date was not April 1.
Are we to believe that for the over 90km between George and Plettenberg Bay, the police were unable to stop a speeding vehicle, driven by a suspected car thief, with all the legal amenities at their disposal, and were only able to arrest the driver when his vehicle was brought to a standstill after being involved in an accident in Plettenberg Bay?
The mind boggles!
Taxi drivers and/or other types of protestors are able to block a national road at random with impunity and an apparent immunity to any form of prosecution. Perhaps the police should take some lessons from taxi drivers and the like on how to close off a road.
To then have the arrested man allegedly murdered by a fellow cell mate in the police holding cells is simply beyond belief.
I do not know whether to cry or laugh at police ineptness. Where do we go from here?
Kevin Meineke, Hout Bay