Pointer owners have no feeling for nature, only for their unruly dogs

I read with interest the letter concerning the killing of cormorants on the beach [turn to page 11 of the August 8 edition at www.cxpress.co.za]. The dogs in question actually are pointers - white with brown patches.
I have met with the owner a couple of times walking along the lagoon at Saltings. At one time he, a man quite senior in years, and some friends also accompanied by two pointers were walking at the lagoon.
Needless to say, not a single wading bird was in sight due to the unruly dogs chasing into the water and sending all aflutter. Confronting them brought the same result as mentioned in the previous edition.
Unfortunately, these owners have no feeling for nature, but only for their wild running dogs. It is a pity that we have people with that mentality in our dog-loving community. Their behaviour forces the tough regulations on all of us.
They should be banned from walking their animals if not on leashes at all times.
‘Comic’, Plett