Open letter to Bitou on risks and pollution caused by knock-n-drop distribution

A Plett reader who remains anonymous, for fear of putting his home address in the spotlight and thus at risk, copied CXPRESS on his letter to Bitou Ward 2 councillor Dave Swart to voice a concern shared by a number of residents

Dear Mr Swart, I realise you are likely to be inundated with matters of importance but feel I should inform you of an issue of concern which you may wish to refer to whomsoever can give effect to such issue.
I reside in Robberg Road and have need to spend a fair amount of time away from town which means my property is unoccupied for such periods, which increases my concern.
For years businesses have made use of the knock-n-drop (pamphlets advertising their wares) method to distribute reading material. I find the pamphlets of interest, but that is not the issue.
Unless the householder takes possession of the package, it invariably blows away, creating litter. If this does not happen, it remains in full sight for all to see that the occupants are away from home - which may lead to you know what!
I am told that this method of distribution is illegal overseas.
My proposal is that the distributors be instructed by bylaw to find another method of distribution, e.g. via CXPRESS newspaper, or by stock being delivered to retailers like Spar or Checkers.
By so doing, I would still be able to enjoy reading what is on offer while having peace of mind.
I am told that in Australia signs indicating ‘no adverts’, if affixed to doorways, obviate this problem and distributors ignoring them are heavily fined.
Please let Plett lead the country in this, as it is a problem in Cape Town as well.

(The author copied us on a response by councillor Swart, which advises that he had forwarded the above suggestion to Bitou’s director of Community Services for his consideration, and had also copied the municipal manager. Let’s wait and see… - Eds