One swallow does not make a summer, so off to Clacton with you

It’s enough already! In Plett there is never a shortage of people who complain about something, whether it’s about dogs on the beach, new developments popping up, this and that…
Now we have swallows from Suffolk (hope I have spelt that correctly) moaning about horses on Keurbooms Beach - three horses on a seven-kilometre stretch of beach, for heaven’s sake.
Coming from a country facing Brexit, it is this type that has turned the UK into the gutless nanny state that it is today.
Other resorts advertise beach riding as an attraction. And as for the riders grovelling in abject apology for the error of their ways: perhaps a public execution could be arranged.
My advice to these do-gooders is to spend their holidays on Clacton Beach, providing they have managed to ban donkey rides, to the disappointment of hundreds of kids.
Thank the lord Harry only one swallow does not make a summer - or, in this instance, two swallows too many. Get a life.
Paul Deans, Plett
(We apologise to our esteemed swallow community for the ravings of this rude reader. But since this page is supposed to cater for all opinions, no matter how insolent, and seeing that our cantankerous old friend did not hide behind a nom de plume, we could hardly deny him his five seconds on the soapbox… - Eds.)