My kind of person, Wandisile is

In response to my recent letter [read ‘This ain’t no picnic…’ on page 15 of the January 9 edition], Wandisile Sebezo expresses the hope in CXPRESS of January 16 that we would “write less about that which divides us, and more about common-interest matters”.
I believe that my own interest in the Odland picnic area is in complete agreement with Wandisile’s. My dream for the area was, is, and always will be to make it a safe and beautiful place for all our people.
I spent my entire working life as an architect, during which time I designed some renowned buildings, parks, and specialised architectural spaces.
Not surprisingly, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the imagining, planning, drawing, and the bringing to life of many visuo-spatial projects.
Regarding the Odland picnic area, I am particularly concerned about the traffic because of its close proximity to the people who use the space for leisure time activities.
I also believe that a well-lit walkway on the river’s edge - which, in time, could find its way to Lookout Beach - would open up the facilities to everyone.
In turn, the improvement of facilities and the beautification of the area through enhanced landscaping would benefit locals and tourists alike.
Perhaps Wandisile and I should work together on preparing and submitting to Bitou Municipality a relevant proposal to upgrade the Odland picnic area.
In the meantime, we will wait with bated breath for the necessary amendment to our liquor laws.
Rodney Grosskopff, Plett
(Anyone who knows anything about South African architecture will recognise Rodney’s name. We thank you for taking the time to yet again pen your positive suggestions, Mr Grosskopff.
A private email has been sent your way to virtually introduce you to CXPRESS contributor Wandisile Sebezo. We’ll be watching that space… - Eds.)