Municipal officials, not residents, to blame for Knysna’s water crisis

So I see that Knysna has yet another municipal manager [turn to page 5 of the July 12 edition at and read ‘Newly-appointed MM has his eye on re-engineering Knysna with green economy hues’]. The musical chairs continue.
Mr Chetty published a statement in another newspaper dated July 20, which read: “The Oyster Festival did have an impact on Knysna’s water resources.” Oh really, Mr Chetty?
The problem with this admission is that it should have been made by a municipal official months ago and worded: “The Oyster Festival will have an impact on Knysna’s water resources.”
Typically, and as predicted, the thousands of visitors lured by the festival have now long gone home and the locals will pay the price with the usual threats: “Only 19 days of water left in Knysna…” and the like.
What will it take for the municipal council to realise that Knysna cannot afford these grand festivals while our water supply is so critical?
The multitude of runners, cyclists, etc. who participate during the Oyster Festival do all inevitably take showers after their events and so our water supply diminishes. This is water abuse!
Another local newspaper recently held a vote as to whether readers thought that the Oyster Festival was a good idea at this stage; 66% of voters believed it was a bad idea.
So, Mr Chetty, as a newcomer to town I would like to suggest you make some enquiries about our white elephant, the non-operational reverse osmosis plant, for you to understand that the reasons for our water crisis are not the beleaguered residents of Knysna, but municipal short-sightedness.
‘Richard’, Knysna

(We hope to include a response in this regard from Knysna Municipality in the next edition. - Eds.)