Move One Million: join our global mass demonstration on Saturday

We, the people of South Africa, have lost faith in our government. Our leaders have not been leading. They have refused to take accountability for the fraud and corruption that has dogged our country for years.
Since March 2020, our leaders have been patronising instead of protecting us. What started as a reasonable approach to keeping SA safe under lockdown has turned into a looting frenzy in which billions of Rands have gone missing.
Food parcels have been stolen. PPE contracts have been awarded to nameless and faceless companies connected to government officials. Public feeding schemes have been blocked in the name of centralising distribution. The punishment for those found guilty of these crimes? Special leave while drawing a full salary.
Enough is enough! We reject the escalating violent crimes and gender-based violence. We reject the racial baiting and divisive narratives. We reject on-going poverty, finger pointing, and the lack of accountability.
The people have for too long obeyed a government that divides us instead of unites us. The legacy of SA’s liberation movement has become captured and is merely a shadow of what it once was. Instead, it has become the very thing that it once so vehemently fought against.
We call on the voices behind all 11 languages to unite and stand against those who seek to destroy our nation. We ask that everyone set aside their differences so that we can reclaim our power as a nation. We urge everyone to work together to create a country that we can all be proud to leave behind for the generations that follow.
Move One Million, together with our associate groups Stop Farm Murders Movement, Ride to Freedom, #OurVoices, #ShutSADown, SA Woman Fight Back, #ServeUsPlease #SaveOurJobs #TourismMatters, and Mosadie Gives Back, encourage everyone to unite on Saturday September 5.
Everyone who is able to must drive/ride into their city or town on a mass scale starting at 10am. Please remain on or in your vehicle, thus remaining compliant with the Disaster Management Act.
We have taken this decision to safeguard our members while ensuring that our numbers bring cities across the country to a halt. We encourage our members to fly their flags and banners from their vehicles and generate as much noise as possible during the demonstration.
To our group members and field representatives who have already received municipal approval, we encourage you to carry out your awareness campaigns as planned. Those who wish to stand in solidarity in smaller groups in public spaces, we recommend that you remain mobile at all times and disperse should you be confronted by any law enforcement.
Over 16 countries will stand in solidarity with SA on the day, including Portugal, Mexico, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Italy, Brussels, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Dubai, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia Uganda, Madagascar, Ireland, Scotland, and England.
This will be the largest global awareness campaign of its kind as we stand against the abusive political systems that threaten not only our democracy but any future hopes for South Africa.
We will continue to mobilise more of the country through a number of national ground campaigns over the next 20 months ahead of elections, bringing more of our country onto its feet in a united effort to challenge the system.
We demand that legal action is taken against senior government officials involved in corrupt activities. We also demand that the public both locally and internationally enjoys total transparency into the revision of our direct electoral process.
We demand that those in government be accountable to the true custodians of this land, the people of South Africa.
Jarette Petzer, by email
(Jarette is the founder of #ImStaying and driver of the Move One Million protest against corruption on Saturday. Visit for additional information. - Eds.)