More kudos for health care in our province

After reading Mr Twidle’s letter regarding Western Cape hospitals [turn to page 11 of the March 11 edition and read ‘Hats off to Knysna Provincial and George Regional hospitals’], I would like to share my story on behalf of the family of Clinton Marius (pictured below).

Recently we had dealings with Knysna Provincial Hospital, George Regional Hospital, and Groote Schuur in Cape Town. The encounter also involved EMS and AMS [Emergency Medical Services and the SA Red Cross Air Mercy Service].

Within 30 hours, our young brother was seen in Knysna, referred to George, and flown to Groote Schuur.

We have high regard and praise for the outstanding service we received from all staff involved. They were astute, professional, caring, compassionate, kind, honest, gentle, supportive, and empathetic to our feelings and needs.

We have been humbled by our experience with these dedicated, hard-working and selfless public servants, and saying ‘thank you’ does not reflect our depth of gratitude.

To mention everybody by name would take up pages.

Western Cape Health Care Service providers, may you proudly continue with your outstanding unconditional works and deeds that clearly reflect the values of our provincial department of health.

May you reap the blessings you have sown.

Lynnette Wilkinson, Knysnawww letter re hosps CM 18.3