Letter from America: ‘Covert-2020’ strips us of right to control our minds and lives

‘Not as tepid as a few weeks ago’ is how DEBI NICHOLS describes this updated impression of Covid-19 in the States - read her initial letter on page 2 of the April 1 edition at www.cxpress.co.za

THREE weeks of lockdown brings out weird and unexpected emotions, needs and desires. One of the strongest for me is the feeling of ignorance.
I do not know what the real situation is with regard to Covid-19 infections in our city, or our local hospital, or even what is happening just a few blocks away. What’s the state of affairs in New York, where the kids are?
It seems the less you know, the more you want to know and the less THEY want you to know - “they,” of course, being the media and government; the holders of the knowledge.
After three weeks of frantic binge news channel hopping and internet surfing, I still don’t know anything I need to know.
One moment a pretty CNN reporter, against the backdrop of a deserted New York street, tells us that chaos is reigning in New York City hospitals. Cut to images of chaos as masked and gowned medical staff run around in apparent panic in an overcrowded hospital ward.
Cut to talking heads (the same ones they use to comment on and discuss everything, from gun control to abortions) for the next hour, talking all over each other and speculating wildly about the tiniest, most insignificant detail they can think of.
They invariably end off by concluding that it definitely is all Trump’s fault, because he acted too soon; he acted too late; he has bad hair; his wife has a funny accent. An hour’s worth of discordant noise.
The only thing left out of the show is actual, factual news that tells us what is going on.
A picture is worth a thousand words and apparently bypasses the human BS filter, so the sole thing that sticks is the apocalyptic image of New York hospitals being overwhelmed.
The search for fact and truth must continue. Tune to FOX news, only to be met by the same apocalyptic footage…
No pretty reporter, but a little fellow who goes by the misspelt name of Tucker Carlson. A man so simian in looks - tiny little brown eyes just a bus ticket apart, and the most puzzled look on his face - that no one could ever doubt he’s telling the truth. He simply looks too dumb to deceive.
Anyway, he proceeds to prove before our very eyes that the footage of chaos currently happening in New York hospitals is actually two-week old footage from an Italian hospital…
Over to FOX’s talking heads, babbling, shouting loudly and talking all over each other while assuring all that Trump is a fine man and doing a great job and nothing could possibly be his fault. And that Melania has a Boston accent.
All the time, Tucker screws his little face up and listens so intently you can almost feel his concentration and confusion. He could be the king of Monkeyland.
But, alas, no factual news is forthcoming on what is really going on: is Covid-19 going to kill us all, or will Trump and Biden get together, agree on what day of the week it is, and then spectacularly save us all?
After three weeks of listening to misinformation and blatant lies, I have come to the conclusion that the Covid-19 virus is not the problem. It is just a smoke screen vector for the Covert-2020 virus, which strips humans of the control of their minds and lives.
It comes in the form of politicians and the media who have robbed us of our own free will and are having a whale of a time stripping us of our freedoms and manipulating us to do what’s best for them.
If you doubt that, look at what your minister Cele has done to South Africans. No dops and no smokes…?!
Maybe I’ve just been watching too much TV. Or perhaps the guy was right who said: “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” But we don’t care enough to object when even the most basic pleasure is ripped from us without any rational reason.