Let’s spread #HopeNationWide

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”
Not so long ago, South Africa was considered one of the happiest, friendliest and optimistic nation in the world, and we held our heads high, proud that we could spread the hope to the rest of the world.
Though South Africa comes from a horrible history of apartheid, as a nation, we managed to forge relations with each other through the act of forgiveness and hope for a better South Africa.
It is so heart-breaking that today, South Africa no longer the country that gave hope to the world, but a country full of angry people who are always on each other’s throats. It was like hate was waiting for the departure of President Nelson Mandela who was the pillar that kept the country glued together.
It is sad that as a nation, we have failed President Nelson Mandela. We have failed ourselves, our offspring and generations to come because we allowed hatred to come between a nation that was the envy of the world.
As a nation, we abandoned all values which make up the spirit of humanity. All South African children are taught to love unconditionally, to always carry with them wherever they go the spirit of Ubuntu so that wherever we have been, people must feel that a South African was here.
As a nation, we allowed ourselves to be infiltrated by people calling themselves “leaders” to divide us and we indeed heeded their evil call.
Yes, segregation to the disadvantage of black South Africans is not a history that is denied. But it is a history that is meant to teach us that never again shall we find ourselves divided because of race, tribe, creed, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, belief, origin and culture, language and birth.
So how did we find ourselves at each other’s throats?
As a nation, we are supposed to be building our country to a point where all citizens benefit from the progress of the country. We are supposed to be a country where hope and love resides, where the world comes to get love, to get hope, to learn about love and love so that they take the lessons to their respective countries.
That is why I believe that the #HopeNationWide Twitter Campaign is imperative so that as a nation we can bannish the evil that is turning South Africa into a tragedy. Hate knows no bounds, it is indiscriminate, it destroys even the destroyed.
I call upon all South Africans to partake and support #HopeNationWide. Giving each other, HOPE will breed LOVE for each other and we will be able to push back those that are possessed by hate to change their mind-set.
I fear that if we allowed the evil of hate prevail, South Africa will be good as fallen in the pits of hell, and gone forever. Please fellow South Africans, join me in spreading HOPE in our land.
I thank you.
Ntuthuko Dumakude - dclentis@gmail.com