Ladies of all levels of ‘able’ are special, every day

I always thought that Valentine’s Day was for couples who are reminded of their romantic attachments to each other, either new or over time. But on Sunday I found the true meaning of Valentine’s Day after all these years, when my husband invited me to one of our favourite restaurants to celebrate the occasion.
The musician had all the right tunes, the setting was grand, the food was outstanding and we most certainly enjoyed all the special attention bestowed upon us on our special day.
It was, however, with mixed emotions that I watched the undying devotion two men, obviously brothers, felt and showered upon their mother who, to them, was the lady of the day.
She was a little, brittle-looking lady who had great difficulty getting out of her chair, and also struggled to walk. But they treated her as if she was the biggest love of their lives.
How adored and special she must have felt for being the only guest on this Valentine’s Day - truly a gift of unselfish love from her sons to a lady who must have been the most important one in their lives since their creation.
To all the differently-abled ladies out there, remember you are still number one in the lives of the men in your lives daily, not just on Valentine’s Day.
Rita Hardaker, Plett
(Rita is founder of the Differently-abled Awareness Campaign; email if you would like to find out more or contribute towards this most worthy cause. - Eds.)