Kudos to Plett police for solving crime in record time

We were the unfortunate victims of a house robbery on Saturday November 25 between the hours of 1:30 and 3pm, in which two laptops, an iPad, an iPod, and headphones were removed from our property without permission.
I reported the crime to SAPS Plett at 3pm and was visited by two police officers who proceeded to investigate the access gained to my premises and take a statement from me.
The following morning, I realised that my phone contained software which was able to pick up the location of the iPad and show it on Google Maps. I immediately went into the police station on Sunday morning at 8am and explained the situation to the officer on duty.
Shortly thereafter I was escorted by two police officers to the New Horizons area and we were met there by two detectives, warrant officer JJJ Pretorius and Sergeant HM van Wyk.
They managed to locate the exact address where the stolen property was being kept and immediately began to question members of the community as to the whereabouts of the residents of the property.
The young sister of one of the alleged offenders admitted to the detective that she had been asked by her brother to take possession of the stolen items. She then proceeded to open the door to the property and handed over the stolen goods.
I never thought I would see my laptops and electronic equipment again!
I would like to commend the way in which the investigation was handled by Plett SAPS, and in particular to the two detectives mentioned above. Not only did they manage to recover my goods within less than 24 hours, but also began counselling the youngsters who happened to be standing around watching the events unfold.
The youngsters were advised on the dangers of crime and drug abuse.
My congratulations to all SAPS members who managed to solve this crime in record time. These people put themselves in danger to protect the public and I feel they rarely get the recognition they so richly deserve.
Neill Rayne, Plett