Jeeves, Jeeves! Wherefore art thou, Jeeves?

Whilst it is critical for your wonderful newspaper to impart all the goings on in Plett and surrounds - the good and (too much) bad, the moans and groans, and lots of wonderful sport - it seems that entertaining stories often lack, other than the humour column.
Where is Jeeves? Is he alive and busy with a new adventure? Is he dead and travelling to the great beyond in a Silver Shadow?!
May I be so bold as to venture that I am not alone when picking up my CXPRESS and then quickly browsing to see if one of his escapades are enclosed? Would that I be one of many who share the same sentiments…
Owen Williams, Knysna

(When breaking the brilliant news to Owen that Jeeves was indeed to grace the pages of our March 21 edition, rolling off the printing press at the time of writing, his charming response was: “On a dreary weather-undecided morning (as beautiful as may be, either way), such news received, and prompt reply, brings a smile. So, Jeeves is alive! Can’t wait to read!”
Turn to page 2 of that edition at if you’ve missed his ‘Three cheers…’ tale, and to page 17 of this issue for his take on Spag Bol Supreme.
Oh, and Google ‘Honeychild Conservation Beekeeping Co.’ to see what else keeps Owen abuzz. - Eds.)