It’s too late to panic: prepare to queue for water from tankers... from wherever

As much as I’d like to let go of our water crisis, thoughts keep popping up into my head.
Due to lack of corrective action on the part of our councils over many years, it has occurred to me that should we survive the forthcoming water crisis, we will be in exactly the same position again and again!
A few weeks ago I asked this question: Why is Knysna’s reverse osmosis plant not being resurrected? [See ‘An answer to Knysna’s water questions’ on page 11 of the March 15 edition at]
Municipal Manager Johnny Douglas indicated that immediate action would be taken.
But just recently, he commented that the plant was not working! Is Knysna Municipality taking this water shortage thing seriously enough, other than threatening residents with punitive action for water wastage?
This problem is not of the residents’ making.
I find it difficult to understand why the council has not opted to cancel any event that attracts thousands of visitors to Knysna (e.g. Simola Hillclimb) - where will the water come from?
I think the panic has set in far too late and I can see us all queuing up for water when tankers arrive from wherever. Charming.
Richard, Knysna