Hospice Plett: life without its vital service is unimaginable and unacceptable

I cannot say more about Hospice Plett, than has already been written by the ubiquitous Hilary Matthews in CXPRESS of January 31 [turn to page 5 of that edition at www.cxpress.co.za], and in a February 15 article in What’s New In Plett, entitled ‘Hospice Plett needs YOU’.
However, as a family practitioner in Plettenberg Bay, I would like to add my voice to the call for our unbridled support of this crucial service.
In the past few weeks I have yet again seen the incredible service that Hospice provides. The benefits that we doctors experience, and the professional palliative care that our terminal patients receive, cannot be overestimated or overstated.
I see Hospice in action at times with my own patients, but mostly they are tasked with doing their rounds and visits continuously while we are consulting or at home.
We do get to hear the many anecdotes and comments of their work, carried out at such a critical and sensitive time in the lives of our loved ones. Even these reports are but the tip of the iceberg.
It is unthinkable that this invaluable support enjoyed by our entire community will cease due to lack of funding. Hence my plea to every single Plett resident to be aware and mindful of this potential crisis, and to stand up and help in any way that we possibly can.
I must also mention the PlettAid Foundation’s other core programme, Plett Wellness.
It is no secret that preventative medicine is crucial to the future wellbeing of our nation. Diabetes, heart disease and obesity, for example, are costing us billions of rands annually, and are wreaking havoc on our families through hospitalisations, disablement, and premature death.
Plett Wellness promotes prevention, educates and screens the broader Bitou community free of charge... incredible! How can we not support them?
I will repeat Hilary’s suggestions on how you can help:
• Make a cash donation;
• Make a monthly donation by debit order;
• Dedicate gifts for birthdays or anniversaries to Hospice Plett;
• Support the GivenGain campaign (www.givengain.com/c/plettaid.org);
• Leave a legacy in your will.
Lastly, I must call on Bitou Municipality to reinstate its funding of the PlettAid Foundation through the Mayoral Grant programme. The most deserving and vulnerable in our town needs this support - desperately.