HELP! Yes, help we will…

The residents of Plettenberg Bay, present and past municipalities, churches, soup kitchens and many other organisations have been bending over backwards to help the thousands of South Africans, who have been migrating from the rural areas into Plettenberg Bay.
Members of this section of our population need to find work and make a living, as they are getting no help where they were born.
It is a well-known fact that the Transkei and Ciskei have the most fertile soil in South Africa. Sadly, the government is not dividing up land in their home areas for farming and industry. So these South Africans have no option but to seek work in towns elsewhere around the country.
In a normal society, a person would apply for a job stating their skills and qualifications, get a job and then find accommodation before relocating. However, South Africa is not a normal society and most times these citizens with no real skills or the necessary accommodation just move in, hoping to find both work and lodgings.
They often leave beautiful little homes behind to pursue their dreams. Unfortunately, they frequently come with a ‘we-demand’ attitude - the latest road riots and blockages bear witness to that.
It then becomes very difficult for the municipality and the residents of our towns and villages to meet these demands.
Plett will most likely never become hugely industrialised. People normally come here to holiday, not to start a business. So the question must be asked: are the people of Plettenberg Bay making a rod for our own backs?
What happens in a small town like this, where we can’t hope to accommodate thousands and thousands more unskilled people?
Food for thought, indeed…
‘Accommodating South African’, Plett