Genocide of minorities and plight of child brides offer far better reasons to protest

Following his pro-Israel comments our chief justice, Mogoeng Mogoeng, has unleashed a wave of anti-Israel protests, as well as calls for him to resign and people even questioning his capability to dispense justice in light of such views. How absurd!
What has happened to the freedom of speech in South Africa?
He is correct in what he says: the SA government has broken diplomatic ties with Israel, thus has in effect removed the potentially influential part it could play in the Israel/Palestine conflict given our experience of apartheid.
By doing this, South Africa becomes part of the problem and not part of a possible solution.
If all the protesters against Mogoeng - unbelievably, some church groups included - were really objective with their remonstrations, one would imagine that they would also protest against the ongoing genocide of people such as the Rohingya, who are possibly one of the world’s most persecuted minorities, and the Kurds.
The way of life known as ‘Kurdish’ is disappearing at an alarming rate.
What about objecting to some of the real horrors of this world, such as child brides and female genital mutilation that still take place in parts of Africa and the Middle East, based on some cultural mumbo-jumbo.
Now, here is an opportunity to stage some really objective protests on two truly awful concepts to assist thousands of traumatised and terrified young girls.
Sadly though, as is expected, the silence on the persecution of the Rohingya and the Kurds is deafening and in reality the protesters are not really pro-Palestine, but rather anti-Israel, which is both dismal and subjective.
Kevin Meineke, Plett