Freund makes more ‘frendz’ for diving the extra mile

On returning from a boating trip up Keurbooms River last weekend, a watch belonging to one of the passengers fell into the water while the boat was docking. Although over 10 years old, the timepiece held great sentimental value.
The area where the watch sank was deep and dark and overgrown with weed, making it almost impossible to retrieve. Any movement of the fine silt on the floor of the river would make it even more difficult to locate the watch.
A request was placed on Plett in Stereo, asking if anyone could help. Accompanied by wife Suzette, Freund Oberholzer of Frendz Restaurant at The Market Square - who also happens to be a master diver - responded to the urgent plea.
The first time Freund submerged with his torch and diving gear it was too dark to see anything. He returned to the site with an underwater metal detector… and managed to locate the watch. The picture at left bears witness to this near impossible recovery.
Here is another example of the wonderful people in Plett, who voluntarily come out to assist whenever the call is made - with no thought of compensation in any way!
The recovery made everyone’s day. A big thank you is due to Freund and Suzette for their kindness and selflessness in making the owner very happy by retrieving his old watch - which still works, by the way, after being in the water for over 77 hours.
Allison Moir, Plett