Family of pitbull victim sent from pillar to post with no closure on Dawid’s death

We as the family of Dawid Loff would like to make our concerns known to the community of Bitou.
Two pitbulls brutally attacked Dawid on August 1. The incident happened in Kiewiet Street, Kranshoek, between 7 and 8am.
Our brother, Mikey Loff, was informed by our cousin about the incident. Mikey arrived on the scene just before 8am. The police arrived at around 10am.
We had to wait outside the premises because the dogs were still roaming inside the yard. The dogs were busy sniffing my brother, the victim.
The brother of the owner of the premises had to enter the yard first to put the dogs in the garage so the police and the forensics team could enter. We were not allowed on the scene.
When the police had finished, they took my brother’s body away. The police asked Mikey’s contact details as well as the personal details of our late brother.
Members of Bitou Municipal Law Enforcement were also on the scene. Mikey was promised that they would contact him with further information regarding the case.
He has been waiting ever since.
We have contacted the KwaNokuthula police station in an attempt to get a case number and to know how far the investigation is. We have been sent from pillar to post.
This is extremely frustrating as it makes us feel that our pain as a family does not matter. We want the law to take its course, but still cannot get clear answers from the police as to how far the process is.
On September 8, we got an inquest number, 8/82017. Constable Mona told my brother that the case is under investigation and they are waiting for the investigation to be completed.
The matter will then be taken to court for the magistrate to decide on foul play or not. We are not certain how long this will take.
We are extremely dis-satisfied with the insensitive manner in which this case has been handled.
The Loff Family, Plett