Expect a fine if no disabled sticker displayed

Please note that if you are either temporarily or permanently disabled but do not have a sticker on your vehicle, you WILL receive a fine when parking in bays designated for differently-abled drivers.
Plett’s traffic officers are very much aware of the frustration of those who genuinely need these parking bays, but find that some selfish, perfectly normal individual has taken a chance and parked in a space so desperately needed by the differently-abled.
The procedure is:
• Collect the necessary form at the Bitou Traffic office located at 1 Park Lane, opposite the fire station in Marine Way.
• Take the form to your doctor for completion and signature - this is important as he needs to give a current overview of your condition.
• Take the form to a cashier at the municipal offices on the second floor of Mellville’s Corner (old Standard Bank premises) and pay R109.
• Go back to Park Lane with your completed form and receipt to collect your sticker.
If you cannot go through all the steps, let someone assist you - but know that your application will not be considered if you do not have a genuine assessment from your doctor.
I hope this will assist, since you MUST have that sticker on your windscreen. It simply takes too much time and energy trying to get out of the fine afterwards.
Traffic officers will adhere to the regulations and we, the public, must respect their responsibilities. They are, after all, also there to protect the differently-abled from selfish, uncaring people.
If you need further advice, contact the Differently-abled Awareness Campaign on 082 560 2606.
Rita van Rensburg Hardaker, Plett