Elliotts love CXPRESS!

“I was very impressed yesterday evening [Wednesday February 21] to see the guy from the spare parts shop in Plett One reading CXPRESS in his car at the Whale Tail viewpoint - and then to see the car guard there, called Elliott, also poring over his copy of CXPRESS. It just shows again that your wonderful newspaper is loved by all levels of society. Well done! I still remember the early days when the late Julian Furman introduced us to the brilliant CXPRESS concept: ‘We are the paper, you are the news.’ Was that in 2000?” - Shanette Elliott, Plett
(Thanks, Shanette - our first edition saw the light on June 1, 1998, which means that we’re about three months away from our 20-year anniversary, yay! Be sure to celebrate with us… - Eds.)