Each store in Plett should designate a buddy for the differently-abled

You’ve just got to love Plett’s new Checkers with its wide aisles and non-slip floors! But here’s another suggestion: this store and every store in Plett should have a DAB or Differently-abled Buddy available during trading hours.
Some weeks ago I saw a mother with a trolley and her son (aged about 18) in his wheelchair. She was trying to push the one and then the other to get around.
Anyone in that position should really be able to call on a buddy for the differently-abled in-store, to help pushing the trolley, taking groceries off the shelves, packing it all into the car and so forth.
When pointing this out to the store manager, he was keen to call his PRO straight away and suggest this. He reckoned it was a brilliant idea and would certainly be a first for Checkers stores all over South Africa.
Ideally, every store should have a staff member appointed for a week to take up this challenge. In this way, they can also acquaint themselves with the differently-abled.
And the customer must know that when they get to the store, they can stop at the Customer Service Counter and ask for a DAB. How amazing would that be?
I saw an elderly woman parked in the disabled parking lot near Pick and Pay a while ago. Her husband, a big man, was holding onto the back door handle of the car while she was trying to stop his wheelchair from rolling backwards and off-loading the groceries at the same time.
She then tried to manoeuvre him into the car - she was only a little thing, too. I helped but again, it is not good enough. If there were a DAB on hand, how much easier and less stressful would it not have been? And this happens daily in our midst.
Rita Hardaker, Plett

(Rita, née Van Rensburg, is on a roll with her differently-abled campaign, aimed to make Plett the most welcoming town for folk with disabilities of any kind.
With seemingly boundless energy she has been in contact with a plethora of hospitality establishment, eateries, etc. to address this issue, while fine-tuning the mechanics of a schools drawing competition with great prizes up for grabs.
To find out more or to get involved, email ritav@global.co.za. - Eds.)