Does Bitou have a friend in the fencing business?

It is difficult to conceive as to what Bitou Municipality is doing to promote tourism in Plettenberg Bay. In fact, they seem hell bent on destroying both the economy and tourist business of the town.
I feel sure that Mr Ramaphosa did not order beaches (the most open areas for human breathing) to be fenced off. Yes he said they are no-go areas, but did not order them to be fenced.
It is contemptible the ruin that the town has been forced into, putting up costly fences while South Africans sit on street corners just hoping - yes, truly hoping - to get work and put food on the table, and this while our tourists are being driven away to other holiday resorts.
Plettenberg Bay rates, water, electricity charges are hugely inflated and as a result of the municipality’s fence action, the bay has been severely damaged and some areas long-term destroyed.
The town is no longer the attractive holiday resort it was. This causes livelihoods of many South Africans to be under huge pressure, so rates must drop. They need to be far lower as a result of this unnecessary destruction of the Plett economy.
What kind of message is this fence action sending to overseas tourists when they may want to come in a year or two? “Beaches are fenced off over there, no thanks, we don’t want to holiday in a police state, we will take our money somewhere else, thank you very much!”
Add to this, it is reported that our municipality is in debt running into millions of rand. So again, why spend senselessly on what amounts to unnecessary and stupid fences.
Shattered, Plett