CXPRESS crosswords educational and fun

Dear editors, thank you most sincerely for your interesting crossword. It is entertaining and informative, while covering a wide variety of subjects. Is the compiler local? South African?
A lot of time must be spent on the questions and one can see the compiler covers a very wide field, which makes solving them both entertaining and educational. I’m keen to introduce other crossword solvers to them.
Due to Covid-19 lockdown regulations, I am unable to collect CXPRESS as easily as I did before. I Googled your July 8 edition and found the crossword, but was unable to enlarge and isolate it in order to print it out. Would you be able to email it to me?
Eleanora Fraser, Knysna

CXPRESS managing editor Lezanne Watson responded:
Dear Eleanora, due to the virus, our advertising has dried up to such an extent that we can only afford to print every second edition.
The July 15 edition was printed and distributed in Plett and Knysna at the big supermarkets and several other outlets, but please visit where each week’s paper is posted.
Our genius designer, Sandi Smith, sources these crosswords from all over the globe and then takes the time to format them in order to adhere to CXPRESS standards.
With our online editions, the crossword and Sudoku can become a bit of a problem, so I understand your frustration. Therefore, I laid out the crosswords on an A4, ready for you to print and enjoy.
(Should there be any readers out there who would like to receive the crosswords by email, please send a request to - Eds.)