Consider solar instead of noisy fuel-guzzlers during Eskom blackouts

While the rest of us minions have to put up with no electricity for two hours during load shedding at night, some folk happily start up their noisy generators.
Good luck to them - Lord forbid that they may have to read a book by candlelight, or go outside and enjoy the stars, which are normally invisible due to street lighting.
The incessant droning of my neighbour's generator sounds like a jet warming up for take-off in my back yard.
Now, if he was running a business or a restaurant, I could find my earplugs and sit tight - but no, he is merely lighting up his mansion and, with due foresight, has positioned the noisy equipment well out of his own earshot and close to mine.
Solar lighting is clean, efficient and silent. I would implore people to consider this alternative instead of a diesel-guzzling, noisy engine that disturbs the neighbours.
‘Sleepless’, Plettenberg Bay