Charging for non-existent services can’t possibly be legal or constitutional

I refer to the letter by Paul Scheepers regarding payment for municipal services not provided [turn to page 11 of the August 23 edition at]. How can it possibly be constitutional or legal? Can you imagine the precedent it sets?
At a restaurant: “Waiter, you’ve charged me for a starter, sweets and coffee, none of which I had.”
Waiter: “Sir, that table over there had it and you just have to pay!”
At a supermarket: “You’ve included dozens of items I haven’t bought.”
Teller: “Sorry, the customer at Counter 8 bought them - just pay!”
On the lighter side, we had the same situation in Honeydew near Johannesburg and, you won’t believe this (but then perhaps you will), the clowns threatened to cut off the non-provided services!
I offered to sell tickets to spectators… Eventually, they recognised the futility of their exercise.
A Forbes, Plett