Calling all educators, active and retired

I run a pre-school in Plettenberg Bay and regularly come across children who need assessment or display baffling behaviour. Often, educators and parents do not have all the answers and need a specialist to assist.
Being a small town, Plettenberg Bay only has a few such professionals residing here, but their rates are in most cases unaffordable for most of our parents. We are therefore obliged to make use of government services in Knysna or George.
This often entails long waiting periods and transport costs, which is far from ideal when the child should be helped swiftly during this important developmental phase.
I would like to meet with interested active and retired professionals - child psychologists, play therapists, occupational therapists, and others - to form a loose alliance of educators. I envisage having a quick telephonic chat to an expert who would be able to point us in the right direction, or even help us with reduced rates.
This alliance would not only assist students and staff at my school but other Early Childhood Development (ECD) facilities in our area too, for the benefit of our small children!
Di van Eeden, Plett
(ECD is the phase between birth and the school-going age, when children establish their foundational cognitive abilities, attitudes and skills, preparing them for primary schooling and the rest of life. Pre-schools or crèches play a pivotal role during this phase, so if you are in a position to assist, please call Di on 082 772 0191 or email with your details and suggestions.- Eds.