Brain-and-resistance-drain not to blame on white South Africans alone

The other day I was on a plane to London to attend a wedding. (I only seem to go overseas for weddings or funerals these days. Old school reunions are out for me - they are all dead.)
Next, down the aisle comes skipping little kids shouting “Mommy, we are going home to England!” Not so strange, I hear you say.
But hold on, my chinas: these kids were the offspring of about 70 black South Africans on board. ‘What the hell is going on?’ I thought. ‘This is only one plane going to the UK. How many other black South African families are on other planes?’
We constantly hear of white kids leaving the country and, sadly, home for a future outside, but did you know that black citizens are also leaving in droves?
Why, these families are well off, well-educated, and should be heading the resistance in South Africa. They should be our future; they are the sort of people we simply can’t afford to lose.
What is driving them away - is it that they know we are heading for doom; that they and their children have a better hope of making it outside the country of their birth?
I find it unbelievably sad that they are more prepared to put up with that appalling climate, as cold as the people, than to stay and fight and work for a better South Africa. Unspeakably sad.
What is going on, is there really no hope? It can’t be. Can it be?
Monsieur de Warbois, Plett