Be aware of petrol pump tricksters

Have you fallen prey to the latest “petrol pump con”? It operates like this: the petrol attendant sells R200 worth of fuel for cash payment and pockets the cash without resetting the petrol pump to zero.
The next unsuspecting motorist arrives to fill up, but does not check that the petrol pump has been reset.
Voila! The motorist is charged for the previous R200 worth of fuel, in addition to the fuel with which his tank was filled. Clever…
Check that the petrol pump is zeroed before filling up. The attendants tend to target the larger vehicles such as SUVs.
I have almost fallen prey to this con three times, but fortunately, I got out of my vehicle to check the pump each time. Only then did the attendant set the pump to zero.
A friend of mine was a victim, though, and was charged for more litres of fuel than the capacity of his vehicle’s tank. Beware!
‘Observant’, by email

(We have not managed to ascertain whether ‘Observant’ has encountered this prank in Plett, Knysna and surrounds, but agreed that it’s good to be vigilant in this regard, no matter where in the land you’re filling up with fuel. - Eds.)