Account of puppy abuse on Knysna beach enrages readers

The letter in your edition of May 17 regarding the abuse of puppies at Coney Beach in Knysna, refers [turn to page 11 of that issue at].
It’s just unbelievable that a so-called mother can sit there and watch her stupid children treat small puppies as described in the letter. What a pity that she was not identified.
Our concern is: are they safe and well and being looked after now, and do you need any donation to help? We are so distressed, so please advise if there is anything we can do to assist.
Mr and Mrs Cohen, Plett
Thank you for printing the lady from Grahamstown’s letter - by doing so you brought to my notice - and that of many other lovers of God’s precious voiceless creatures - the actions of this mean-hearted lady sitting on the rocks at Coney Beach, watching her daughters abusing two Jack Russell puppies.
They must be as mean-hearted as their mother! Hopefully and prayerfully the animal anti-cruelty league will step in and fine her. May God direct them where to find her.
In Jesus name I pray. Thank you for printing my letter. May God bless you. Amen.
Dog Lover, Port Elizabeth

(We appreciate the offers of assistance and prayers for the welfare of these pets, their abuse described in disconcerting detail by ‘Disgusted Knysna Visitor’. But as the author did not procure any detail that could lead to the identification of the offending owners, no details in this regard could be shared with Knysna Animal Welfare Services (KAWS) and we can but hope that placement of the letter contributed to awareness of these occurrences. If you read here and have any information to share about animal cruelty offences, please contact KAWS on 044 384 1603 or Plett Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) on 083 287 9917. - Eds.)