Readers' fire images October 2018

Jaclyn-Ann Anker - who took photos from her balcony in Oewer Street, Tweerivieren, George - and Wilderness Heights residents Roy Trembath and Carolyn Foster are but some of the contributors of images included here below. We thank them and everyone else who shared news and pictures of the ongoing fire storm as it unfolded in vast parts of the Garden Route, be it in the vicinity of rural or built-up areas. “There was a flare-up the night before last, but it was brought under control again, and the little bit of rain helped a lot,” said Jaclyn. About the random shots taken from his Wilderness residence, Roy says: “There was a lot of smoke all day, and we could only briefly see the mountains at times.” CXPRESS will endeavour to keep readers updated and our thoughts remain with all those threatened by ongoing fires in CX Country.