Crags Drill Squad: a success story told in pictures

The Crags Drill Squad made history by being the first ‘non-city’ school in 11 years to win the Exhibition category during their final competition of the year in Cape Town 10 days ago - congrats! Says squad ‘mom’ Yvette Wilschut, who shows off her drill squad hand art in the gallery below: “We are so proud of them. The huge trophy was for the important Exhibition win, but we also scored a third place for Best Dress, and another third for our Drum Major, Estee Quinch, who we photographed while sleeping on the bus, her trophy cradled in her arms!” Squad champion Sergeant de Vos joined some of the squad boys in showing off their push-up prowess on the side of the N2, when the bus made a pit stop on its approach to Swellendam. Other photos show off the hard work that went into preparing uniforms for the competition, inspection of the squad’s rooms, and grateful Crags families giving thanks for their awesome kids’ wonderful achievements. Check out the cover and page 9 of the October 10 edition for the back story.