Zero tolerance on Guy Fawkes Day

KNYSNA Municipality is urging all residents to abide the relevant bylaws during Guy Fawkes celebrations on Tuesday November 5.
Municipal manager Dr Sitembele Vatala said that they would have a zero-tolerance policy with regards to illegal activities. “We have put measures in place to curb illegal activities, and will have visible patrolling on the day and evening.
“Law enforcement officials are currently removing tyres in all areas. They are also visiting all retail outlets, confiscating any fireworks found. They will continue to do so until after November 6.”
Eight law enforcement officials will be on duty within Greater Knysna from Sunday the 3rd and will focus on known hotspots from Monday until Wednesday. The officer in charge of law enforcement is Gavin Williams and he can be contacted on 060 998 7379.
“Please do not hesitate to contact Mr Williams if you have any queries, or want to report something,” said Dr Vatala.
Guy Fawkes celebrations in previous years have not only caused damage to private and municipal property, it has also disrupted pet behaviour in the areas where fireworks are set off.
“We will do our best to curb illegal activities, but pet owners should make the necessary arrangements to keep their pets safe. Please keep pets indoors where possible. Animals are easily frightened by fireworks and may become distressed.
“Their natural response is to try and escape and this may lead to tragic consequences, as we have seen in the past,” he concluded.

Tips to keep your pets safe
• Ensure all animals have identification like a name tag as this is an easy way for lost pets to be reunited with their owners
• If possible, stay at home with your pets or keep them inside and preferably in a room that is safe and secure.
• Try to mask any noise by drawing the curtains and playing calming music.
• Put familiar and comforting things around them.
• Give your pets a nutritious and balanced meal at night - this is likely to make them sleepy.
• Give them something to chew on - a chewy bone or catnip toys for cats.
• If you suspect your pet will react badly to fireworks, then seek professional advice from your vet who may prescribe a sedative to help them cope. There are also effective homeopathic remedies that may be bought across the counter at vet shops to help keep your pet calm.