Youngster’s quick alert ensures tragedy-free Sunday for Kwano mother

PRETTY clued up. That’s how Ross Badenhorst describes his six-year-old son, Cameron, who on Sunday greatly contributed to the rescue of two local boys not much older than himself, after they were caught in a rip at Plett’s Hobie Beach.
Badenhorst dispelled reports of his son running from the scene of the near-drowning to Plett’s NSRI Station 14, saying it was rather a case of the youngster joining them in the control room, other volunteers present being Brett Esterhuizen and Laurent Eray.
“We were all in the control room, but Cameron was the only one who looked out towards Hobie Beach at our left at that exact moment.
“Noticing that two of the swimmers were further out and waving their arms, he turned to us and said: ‘Dad, look at those people out there.’ Brett and I grabbed some torpedo buoys and ran to the scene, several hundred metres down from the NSRI station.
“When we got there, one of the Plett lifeguards had already reached the kids and handed them over to us. Robbie Gibson [a fellow Station 14 volunteer] arrived with oxygen and the kids were treated for non-fatal drowning symptoms,” explained Badenhorst.
The official NSRI report pegged the time of the callout at 11:41am on December 3, and states the local youngsters’ ages as nine and 11 years of age respectively
“The male casualties were transported to hospital by a Med-Life ambulance in stable conditions for further treatment and for observation for secondary drowning, and they are expected to fully recover,” concluded the report.
Badenhorst said when questioning the mother of one of the saved children to check if there were more kids missing in the surf, she berating the kids in a state of shock.
“But she soon started translating my questions about how much water they had swallowed, and then started relaxing, knowing that the children were safe.”