Tick-tock, tick-tock as Plett’s biggest money-spinner propels towards D Day


Organisers of Plett Rage - the student festival which brings thousands of school leavers to Bitou each year - have announced the new venue for the event, despite not having the necessary approval from Bitou Municipality yet - YOLANDÉ STANDER reports

PLETT Rage organisers last week announced on their Facebook page that this year’s festival would be hosted at the Coco Valley property on the outskirts of Plett - this after last year’s Ganze Vallei venue became unavailable due to the upgrading of the town’s waste water treatment works.
The organisers have in the meantime applied for land use of another portion of the Ganze Vallei farm just outside of the town centre, for activities between December 1 and 7.
They also earlier this year applied for land use of Central Beach for day-time activities. The latter saw widespread criticism from various organisations and stakeholders, who believe that the event could have a negative impact not only on marine life, but also on residents and businesses in the area.
According to the latest application, stakeholders have until November 6 to submit comments or raise concerns.
Bitou municipal spokesman Howard Swartz however confirmed that a decision had not yet been taken on either of the applications.
“No decision has been made as to the use of Portion 98 of Ganze Vallei 444 for the Rage site. The organisers have chosen to make an announcement without the necessary approvals, and they do so at their own risk,” Swartz said.
He added that normal process in terms of the bylaw had not been finalised yet and that the application was still open for comments from the public.
The festival not only brings thousands of future tourists to the town, but also contributes just short of R50-million to the local economy over the period.
The latest application is available for inspection at the municipal town planning office at Monks View in Church Street during office hours. Telephonic enquiries can be directed to Bitou’s town planner, Adel Stander, on 044 501 3321.
Objections to the proposal should be lodged in writing to reach municipal manager Thabo Ndlovu at Private Bag X1002, Plettenberg Bay, 6600. It can also be faxed to 086 457 3270 or hand-delivered at the municipal offices in Sewell Street.
The deadline for submissions, which should include the name and address of the person concerned, is Monday November 6.
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