Thank y’all for making our Durban July fundraiser so much fun

Everyone was a winner at the July at Sky on July 6 - just for being in that perfect setting and enjoy the entertainment, great food, and betting fun. I’m sure all the guests felt that they’d had a really good time, and the event most certainly created so much more awareness of the differently-abled, which was the ultimate goal. They, too, are winners.
We do not know how much was raised yet, but if we only broke even I would be happy as we succeeded in creating awareness by way of the articles and ads in CXPRESS and What’s New in Plett, on ShowMe and through the hundreds of pamphlets and posters distributed around Plett.
BUCO's contribution towards the printing and laminating of posters was most generous and very much appreciated. Meal vouchers were sponsored by The Table, LM in Plett, Sky Villa and The Peppermill.
I thank Mungo for their vouchers, Dr Bryce Taverner for complimentary chiropractic sessions, and Plett Optical for their free eye examination vouchers. ‘Trash to treasure’ lanterns for the tables were handmade by Julie Deferville, and were also the last surprise prizes to be won.
Auctions were orchestrated by the inimitable Paul Deans for hampers by Biltong Boutique, who donated delicious fresh biltong, dried wors and other delights to the value of well over R6,000. Emily Moon gave prizes of accommodation with breakfast.
A huge hamper of the most delectable goodies, including their own freshly ground coffee, was donated by Roost. Many other assorted lucky draws included a mohair blanket, framed art, and Skyy Vodka to add to the excitement.
First, second and third prizes were, most incredibly, won by Marsja and David Hall-Green - worth well over R20,000 worth of accommodation, meals and wine at Sky - while Marsja also won a prize for the best ladies hat.
Sky Villa and The Bungalow also donated complimentary vouchers for the Best Dressed Couple and best hats. Events and Tents supplied all the gorgeous, sophisticated chairs and other décor at no cost to us.
They would have erected the tent as well but we decided against it, as the weather turned out to absolutely glorious and the visitors had time to enjoy the magnificent scenery while sampling the wines and various gins on promotion, which added to the anticipation of the Durban July running.
Audio and Video had agreed to add an extra TV screen for viewing the races but without the tent it was deemed unnecessary. Thank you, Hjalmar.
Hennie and Cindy van Rensburg, my son and glamorous daughter-in-law from Houston, Texas, brought genuine three-dimensional Kentucky Derby cups also cocktail sticks for all the guests as keepsakes.
The duo of our own, special people - local radio announcer Gordon Hoffmann and his nibs, Paul Deans - kept all the guests entertained with their music, auctions and anecdotes, and ensured that all went according to plan and schedule.
Live music during the initial settling-in period was provided by Johnny Wolfe - a most accomplished guitarist and musician.
The waitrons at SKY were also all dressed up for the event and seamlessly provided the delicious canapes and other snacks. The main meal buffet choice of food was absolutely perfect and delicious, so well done, super Sky chefs.
So much more could be added but for now, us at the Differently-abled Awareness Campaign say thank you to all those generous Plett people who donated from their hearts.
To those people who did not make it this year, who knows? Perhaps we will Do-it-Again (the winner of the Durban July)…
Rita and Mike Hardaker: Differently-Abled Awareness Campaign (082 5602 606 /, Plett