SkyRun’s the limit for feisty local trailie

These images provide some notion of the challenge that is SkyRun - read the full story on Lourika Pienaar’s recent mountain run adventure on page 12 of the November 27 edition. Credit for the ‘crossing barriers’ photo - in which Lourika ducks through a fence with care not to puncture the hydration packs on her back - is due to XAVIER BRIEL; the rest of the pics were shot by her en route and by her bro Murray Pienaar, who was on hand to capture the mood as his sis set off on the run, her strong finish, and finally her elation at being able to repose with that hard-earned SkyRun medal serving as some sort of trial hero’s halo.lourika sky 9lourika sky 7lourika sky 6lourika sky 8lourika sky 4lourika sky 5lourika sky 3lourika sky 2