Share your funky socks pics for Down syndrome awareness

MARCH 21 is celebrated as World Down Syndrome Day - an occasion when individuals around the world raise awareness about Down syndrome by ‘Rocking their Socks’. This can be done by wearing mismatched socks, being creative and making a design on your socks, or just wearing funky socks.
Seeing that the date falls within the school holidays, the SA Down Syndrome Association invites all primary and high schools to join in spreading Awareness on Monday March 11.
Says Plett resident Marycka Hendriks, who drives the campaign in local schools: “It can be a fundraiser or a competition for the most imaginative sock being rocked. All we’re asking is that you share the pictures of the socks with us at so we can show how children across SA are helping to raise awareness about Down syndrome.”
The Hendriks’s son, Wian, is now five years old and was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth. Says Marycka: “We would be honoured if our local schools could ‘Rock their Socks’ with the main goal to create awareness.”
Call Down Syndrome Association education officer Elaine Passmoor on 012 664 8871 or 073 032 4638, and send your rocking socks pics to and stand a chance to have them featured in CXPRESS.