Sedgefield shocked by violent hammer murder of local lady

Residents of Sedgefield are reeling after the horrific murder of a 67-year-old woman on Saturday - FRAN KIRSTEN reports

ACCORDING to eye-witnesses a 50-year-old neighbour attacked Noreen Hampson without cause or provocation in the front yard of her home in Marigold Street on February 2 around 6pm.

They told CXPRESS how they immediately phoned the police upon hearing screams and then witnessing the man attacking his unsuspecting neighbour with a hammer.

Members of the public tried to intervene, but the suspect allegedly turned his fury on these good Samaritans, inflicting further injuries to them and damaging their vehicles as well as neighbouring property.

“Preliminary investigation suggests that the victim was attacked by the suspect, who was armed with a hammer, on the sidewalk in front of her house at 16 Marigold Street in Sedgefield,” said Southern Cape Police liaison officer captain Malcom Pojie.

While the SAPS and members of the public were trying to apprehend the suspect, Hampson was being comforted. An eye-witness related how a kind resident had rushed over to the injured Hampson and prayed over her while continuously offering her comfort during her final moments.

This is not the first time that Marigold Street residents have witnessed devastating tragedy in their quiet neighbourhood. The house bordering Hampson’s home claimed the lives of a local couple on August 7, 2015, when the building was razed by fire.

An autopsy on Hampson is scheduled to determine the possible cause of death. “The motive for this attack is still being investigated,” explained Pojie.

According to Pojie, two cases of malicious damage to property have been added to the murder docket.

* The suspect, 50-year-old Sean Kelly, appeared in the Knysna magistrate’s court on Tuesday February 5. The matter was postponed to February 13 for a formal bail application and the suspect remains in custody.