Dance for climate change on Central Beach this FRIDAY

PLETT Heritage Dance for Climate Change - in collaboration with 350Africa and in support of global climate strikes - invites readers to participate in an inspiring event on Central Beach from 12 noon to 2pm on Friday September 27.
Explains convenor Katherine Bischoff: “Our objective is to unite, inspire and educate the community to go green by hosting a dance instead of the usual protests that plague our town. We dance in honour of our pledge to go green, and hand over our memorandum to Bitou Municipality.”
Bischoff says the focus is on continuous education of the local community, especially less affluent residents, to share practical measures that can be taken daily to ameliorate the situation, as well as raising awareness of human rights and the South African Constitution.
“We will be pairing up with the municipality to find solutions to localised problems, and work towards getting a clear commitment from government for South Africa to go green.” The memorandum includes, inter alia:
• We urge the municipality to stand with the people and uphold section 24 of the constitution - everyone has the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being; this environment should be protected for the benefit of present and future generations through reasonable legislative and related measures.
• Help stop government’s indiscriminate use and sale of harmful pesticides and poisons, sprayed on the verges of local and national roads. It is carcinogenic and kills bees.
• Implement renewable and efficient energy systems in all municipal building and schools and reward local businesses and households for doing the same.
Unique features of Saturday’s event include the fact that dance is not normally an activity used to create awareness on practical eco-friendly living or constitutional matters. The event will also serve to celebrate and honour our collective natural heritage.
“We’re looking forward to bringing the community together through uplifting house music and dancing - a universal language that everyone understands. A true family event, kids of all ages are most welcome to attend,” says Bischoff.
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